30 Katie Kits Ready for Delivery

We have some good news, this week we will be delivering the first installment of 15 of the 30 Katie Kits and the 3 iPod Nanos with playlists for the treatment rooms. And we’ll keep the second installment of 15 Kits ready at hand.  We gathered yesterday at Tammy’s house for an assembly line to build the kits, and the kids had fun popping the bubble wrap too!

30 Katie Kits Completee (Ashby, Tanya, Jodi, Tammy)

30 Katie Kits Completee (Ashby, Tanya, Jodi, Tammy)

For those not familiar with the Katie Kits, this was a project that Katie and Chuck both started, to provide a specialized care kit for breast cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment, and donate 3 iPod Nanos so there is music available during the noisy procedures.

(More info and details are on the Project Give-Back page)

We had raised money through donations and purchases of goods with Katie’s artwork on it.  And had purchased supplies early last year and had 28 kits ready, when they sadly were involved in the basement flooding during a bad rain storm last August, that had sewers backing up into alot of basements in Huntington Woods and surrounding communities.  The bags were in the basement of Katie’s house, but Tammy’s basement also flooded.  The bags were soaked through and since the patients are often immune-compromised due to chemo, we did not want to risk giving these away.

Fast forward a few months, and Tammy donated money from the estate sale we had at Katie’s house when her house sold in February, to buy the supplies for the 30 Katie Kits we assembled yesterday.  So happy that this will become a reality now.

The radiation clinic in Pontiac is excited to start handing these out to the women, and any men who request it.  All thought that the women would much more appreciate and use the items in the Katie Kit based on their cancer and treatment protocol, but we are not excluding the men if they would like a Kit too.

As well, the 3 iPod Nanos will be appreciated in the two treatment rooms, and the simulation room which is often a longer appointment needed to craft the special cradle used and where the machines are programmed.

Sorry that Katie can’t be there to deliver her Katie Kits with us this week, but I know she is nearby.

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  1. Great work all of you! Katie would be so pleased and happy. Good recovery after the losses from last summer’s floods, too.


  2. Ashby
    Thank you so much for getting this all organized. You’re just the best!!!


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