Thanksgiving: Reflection and Warm Gratitude to You

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Here is hoping that all of your lives are full of much to be grateful for! This time of year promotes a time of reflection, and often we need to remind ourselves of the good in our lives. It is sometimes easy to overlook the good, in the face of the struggles.

We are grateful for the huge outpouring of support and love from you all over the past years. Your kind words, uplifting wisdom and just “being there” together with us, have helped us all. Tammy, Jordan and David and the rest of the family are all appreciative of your love delivered in its many forms (including our Memories page). As well Katie’s many friends and I are also grateful that we can gather both physically and from afar on this site, to honor Katie’s vibrant spirit and the pure Love she gave all of us all. Seemingly implausible that so much caring and love would come from her petite stature. She seemed a force of advocacy, support and connection, defying her physical height, leaving most with the image of a larger presence. She was a big presence in so many ways.

She loved being a mother, and brought all of her skills and spirit to teaching loving life lessons to Nate. She would light up when Nate arrived at the house, at times overcoming pain or other symptoms to give her full attention and love to her Nate. They were a great pair to watch, as you could see the bond between them.

Katie was also a huge part of many of our lives. As a loving daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, and granddaughter — she treasured her strong family ties. As a professional, she helped so many ease their struggles with a new perspective. As a cherished friend, she would bring wit and wisdom to your life.

Having Katie in our lives has been a huge lift, and we shall carry her memory and incredible spirit with us. I shall never forget the lessons I have learned from Katie, nor the joy we shared even amidst difficult times. I am sure many of you all feel the same.

This Thanksgiving, also thinking of Katie’s father, Chuck/Charles/Charlie, whom left us in Feb 2013. Remembering what a source of stability he was in Katie’s life.  Just listened again to the audio clip on our site, of Katie describing what her father meant to her.  Nice to hear Katie’s voice again and wise words, and remembering how much Chuck loved Katie.

Ballon release on Shiva

Ballons with love to Katie

Missing both Katie and Chuck immensely. Grateful to have had both of them in my life for a time, and getting to know them closely. We must focus on the Love in life, for it helps heal all wounds.

Here is to Love in its many wondrous outbursts. May Love seep into more and more of your life. Katie in her final days in the hospital, when she was still able, spoke three simple words to people who visited. The words “I Love You” summed up how she felt about all of us!

So please let her words ring both in your head and in your heart – for she loved all of us, as much as we loved her. Love will keep warming our hearts with her memory.

Peace and Love to you and yours!

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  1. Beautiful words…
    Katie’s life, soul and the way she maintained relationships was rooted in a love and peace I admire so much. I think of her everyday, and am renewed in a sense in my own way when I remember that it is possible to show so much love to everyone, and to give your attention to the people in our lives. Katie was so great at giving her full attention to you when you were around her. She taught me so many lessons, and showed me what true strength is. I miss Nate more than I can describe.


    1. So very well said, Kelli. She did give her full attention and love to all. May her example lead us to better ourselves.


  2. With many loving memories of Katie, she was a loving, sensitive, questioning person who always used the right analogy to make her point. I miss her presence in my life and in impact she made on my family. There is no one that can replace her.


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