Nate is 6!! And a message from Katie!!

Hi Everyone –

This week was full of memories as Monday (13th) was 9 months since our dear Katie left us.  Seems like yesterday in ways, and it is so nice to interact with so many of you and keep Katie’s spirit with us.

Wednesday (15th) was little Nate’s 6th birthday!!!  Things are still in negotiations regarding Tammy seeing Nate, but she mailed him a couple birthday presents for his big day.  We miss the little guy.

Also on Wednesday, a kind woman named Kellie first posted to this site with an intriguing message for us all from Katie.  Here is her first post on Chuck’s page:


Katie wants you to listen. Listen to the music, listen to your thoughts, and listen to your heart. She is with you.

I went to middle school with school with her at norup. We weren’t friends but I always thought she was nice.

Now this is going to sound really weird. I had a visit from her spiriit. I had a very strong urgency/feeling to google her. I found that she has passed on. But she really wants you to know she is still here with you in spirit.

Btw: She has a very strong spirit!

I had read Kellie’s comment on Wednesday and had considered moving it to the Thoughts and Memories page, but it got lost in the busy day.  Well, seems Katie really wanted her message to get through that Kellie thankfully felt the urge to post again the next day on the most recent blog post to make sure Katie’s message was heard:


My name is kellie. I went to middle school with Katie. We weren’t friends but I thought she was nice.

This is gong to make me sound crazy, my husband agrees.

She contacted me yesterday. I was half asleep then I had this overwhelming feeling to google her. I found that she has passed on.
Bottom line is this:
She wants you to know she is still with you.
Listen to the music, listen to your thoughts and listen to your heart.
Her spirit is very strong and she is with you.
It was a very strange experience. I have never had one like that before. But I think she really wanted me to pass along the message. I hope it makes you feel better. Kellie

And after thanking Kellie for reaching out, she had a few more details to pass on:


I would like to share a little more of the experience I had with Katie. I have to tell you I really didn’t know her. I don’t think we ever had a conversation at norup. Once I googled her and found that she had passed on I felt the message she wanted to pass on. Then I thought: put me in the right place at the right time and I will pass along the message. Then I saw the blog. I asked myself what if it’s not the Katie that grew up in Huntington Woods and went to Norup. Then I saw somewhere that she grew up in Huntington woods and I saw her age. My next question was: what if it’s still not her. I need to see a picture. Then a picture of her came up on the computer and I knew it was her. Every time a question was answered I got really emotional. Then I thought how do you want me to pass this along. Then the life of Chuck blog came up. Her dad? So I wrote my original message on there. I was still thinking a lot about it today and I wanted to make sure you got the message so I reposted it on this blog. After this was done I felt peace and I felt her smile. It was a cool experience.
Take care: Kellie
Ps. i can’t remember the name of her very close friend in the article that I read but I do remember that it really stuck out!

So, I am spreading the word here from Kellie and Katie, so everyone can know that:

“Katie wants you to listen. Listen to the music, listen to your thoughts, and listen to your heart. She is with you.”

Speaking with some of you over the last few months, I know others have had experiences where they thought Katie was reaching out to them.  Personally, I am a little envious as I haven’t experienced this yet.  But maybe not everyone is so lucky.   I for one will take Katie’s above advice to heart.  Thanks again Kellie for reaching out.

Anyone else have a similar experience?  Do let us know below!!!

Love to you all,

EDIT:  Thinking about this more, I think Katie wanted us to know that Chuck was with her as well.  Kellie originally posted Katie’s message on Chuck’s page.  So glad they are together, but miss them both terribly.

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  1. It was a really cool experience! It showed me that life goes on and our loved ones never really leave us. Try this: Go in a quiet room. Clear your head and really relax. Then just listen….❤️


    1. Thanks again Kellie! Will try this!



  2. Thank you for sharing Ashby.


  3. Ashby, I can tell u from my own personal experience I’ve had this with Martha. I haven’t in 4 yrs taken her # out of my phone. She has called me 2x. I strongly feel her presence and hear her voice when I need her the most. But she is with me all the time. Just let urself accept the fact that her soul lives on in the wind, the sun & don’t take the slightest sign for granted. She is sending them all the time!!


    1. That is really cool Hilly! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks for sharing that kellie and ashby.
    I miss her so yet stories like these remind me that she’s not so far away after all. Xo


  5. I haven’t really thought much about Katie wanting her message first posted on Chuck’s memorial page. Must be that they are both with us still! He was such a rock for Katie.


  6. Kellie – just reflecting over the weekend. Still amazed at what you experienced, and so thankful that you followed through and let us know Katie’s message. I’ve shared your experience with a few people and all are in awe of what happened to you. Thanks again Kellie.

    Do hope you see this and know how much we all appreciate you having an open heart to listen to Katie. — Ashby


    1. I’ll keep an ear out. lol Again it was a really cool experience! It sounds like she was an amazing women! Kellie


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