April Bonfire Warmth

Last night folks gathered at my Mom, Barbara’s house for our April Bonfire get together.  Brandy the chocolate lab kept an eye on us (and the food), as we shared conversation long into the night over tasty food and drink.

Though we had Katie’s firepit in the backyard ready outside, we opted to stay warmer inside as the temp was in the 40’s.  Folks brought jackets, but everyone was settled in the living and dining rooms, and the conversations were getting intense with talk of breast cancer prevention and risks, among other lighter topics.

It was great to see Kelli again, one of Nate’s previous babysitters and someone who helped out Katie immensely.  We wish her well with her new ventures!  And we were glad to see Reggie whom missed the last couple bonfires.  Tammy recently got back from a short trip to see Jordan (Katie’s brother) and Mary in Florida, and she loved catching up with those grandkids.  She also spent a couple days visiting her sister Barbara and Len who are nearby.

We talked about Katie’s middle school classmate, Kelli’s experience last week who passed along a message from Katie.  Folks were intrigued that Katie might be so close still, as Amanda put it so well.

Overall, a great evening of catching up and remembering Katie and Chuck.  The firepit is ready for May!

Love to you all,

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  1. Lovely evening, thanks Barbara and Ashby and brandy too!


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