Happy Mother’s Day 2015 – Here’s to Katie!

Wishing all the Mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!  A Mother’s love is something to be treasured and we honor you all today!

Had the pleasure of spending some time today with both Katie’s Mom, Tammy, and my own awesome Mom, Barbara, with a nice brunch and a showing of Woman In Gold.  We were missing Katie a lot, knowing she was with us in our hearts.  Yet, still what we wouldn’t give to have her be able to join us again.

Mother's Day 2015 - Tammy and Barbara

Mother’s Day 2015 – Tammy and Barbara

Remembering today what a great mother Katie was with dear Nate, and what a great daughter she was to Tammy.  Katie’s connection with Nate was that of true love and devotion.  He could light up her day by arriving through the front door, even when she was feeling lousy and weak.  Her attention to Nate’s upbringing and teaching him lessons of love was simply amazing.  Being a Mother meant everything to Katie, and Nate brought her true joy and fulfillment.

Katie was also a supportive and loving daughter to her dear Mom, Tammy.  Their love for one another was strong and enduring.  Tammy helped Katie through some really tough days the last several years, just an example of their devotion, and Katie was there for Tammy as well when needed.  They talked all the time.

In honor of Katie, Tammy and Nate, here are some photos to celebrate them:

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— Love to all the Mothers out there!

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