Happy Birthday Katie – Beach Party In Your Honor

This afternoon a few of us gathered on what would have been Katie’s 46th birthday.  We went to my neighborhood beach on Wing Lake, that Katie and Nate loved.  Sadly schedules prevented several of Katie’s girls and their families from joining us today.  Between baseball tournaments, swim meets and other family events, we didn’t quite get the turnout of years past.  But Amanda and Neil came with their kiddos and a couple friends to remind us how to play in the sand and water!

The weather was great today, the water cool and the canoe got plenty of use.  Fond memories of Katie and Nate playing in the water and on the raft.  Neil actually swam part of the lake with Katie’s swimming spirit with him.  Katie two years in a row swam across the lake and back, a mile total.

We hung out, snacked, swam and waded in the lake, and had cool drinks while catching up with each other.  Then for dinner we got take out from Steve’s Deli and thoroughly over ate as the sandwiches are huge.  Shared some cupcakes for dessert and then called it a day as the sun started to wane.

Good to get together and celebrate this day in honor of Katie’s vibrant life, at a place that she loved.  A few of us might recreate last year’s group lake swim in honor of Katie’s swimming love as well.

Miss our Katie dearly, especially as the two-year anniversary 0f her leaving us too soon, is approaching on July 13th.  In some ways this 2nd year has been harder than the first, as in the first year things were still kind of numb.

Nate is now living with his dad and new step-mother in Germany, near family there.  Still haven’t been able to even talk to Nate since Katie’s passing two ago, which is heartbreaking.  But hoping he is having fun with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins nearby, and learning to be bilingual in school there.

Join us in celebrating Katie today!  Hope you can have a cupcake tonight or a glass of wine as well!  Cheers to Katie!

Katie's Birthday 2016 - Neil taking the kids for a paddle

Katie’s Birthday 2016 – Neil taking the kids for a paddle


Katie's Birthday 2016 - Feasting on Steve's Deli (Alison, Karen, Conner, Neil, Amanda, Barbara, Tammy)

Katie’s Birthday 2016 – Feasting on Steve’s Deli (Alison, Karen, Conner, Neil, Amanda, Barbara, Tammy)


Katie's Birthday 2016 - Good day at the beach!

Katie’s Birthday 2016 – Good day at the beach!

Peace and love to you all,

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  1. Cheers! Cupcakes and wine are on my list now. We will celebrate soon!


  2. How sweet to remember this Wonderful person.

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Beautiful


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