Humor and Love Through Adversity – #WonderWoman

This was Halloween 2013 with Katie, Nate and the best Bubbie! Katie truly was a superhero, WONDER WOMAN and her humor through adversity… amazing! Cancer smanzer!! 🔥❤️

…Nate decided on our costumes as he thought his mom was wonder woman too. This is right after Katie stopped us before taking a picture — to make a slight modification… 🤣❤️

Katie after a costume modification!

We still laugh at this moment… Nate thought this was hilarious too, and eager for the treats awating!  Katie and Nate fed on each other’s love and joy.

Katie just kindly lead by example in trying to live in Love versus Fear (…her words here!) — May her spirit, LOVE and humor still be felt by you all, each and every day! 🔥❤️

Feel free to leave any comments below…

  1. Adorable. Nice Batman too!!!


    1. … you are biased being my brother 😂 Wonder Woman reigns! ❤️


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